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Nutrition is the foundation of all effective wellness programs. As a holistic registered dietitian, I provide accurate and credible nutrition advice based on scientific research. You will receive personalized, practical recommendations based on your food preferences and schedule. Individualized whole food supplement recommendations may be given as needed.

Benefits of personalized nutrition: improved digestion, reduction of chronic aches and inflammation, stress management, balanced hormones, regulated sleep, weight optimization, and disease management.

fascial stretch therapy houston texas medical massage best recovery for athlete triathlon


I use a unique Fascial Stretching technique designed to increase the flexibility and pliability of the fascia via lengthening stretches. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all structures of the body and can thicken and shorten with stress, poor posture, lack of exercise, injury or over training. This is an enjoyable approach to unwinding the body and restoring optimal function.

Benefits of stretch therapy: increased flexibility and strength, improved physical activity and sports performance, decreased pain, injury prevention, increased energy, and improved posture.

sunlighten sauna in houston texas full spectrum infrared sauna detox katy tx


My therapeutic grade infrared sauna is a Sunlighten mPulse series. This brand is one of only 3 brands in existence that has been shown in clinical studies to increase your core body temperature. This is critical for true cellular healing.  

Therapeutic benefits of consistent infrared sauna sessions: enhanced detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation, and healing at the cellular level.  


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Deep breathing has many benefits such as oxygenating tissues, improving mental clarity, regulating stress response, initiating release of toxins, and providing a general sense of well-being. 

Most Americans live in a constant state of stress. My classes are designed to help you slow down, breathe deeply, and express gratitude so you can enjoy your days rather than rush from one thing to the next.

natural wellness class holistic health education seminar houston katy texas tx biblical


I am passionate about empowering individuals and groups to improve their quality of life through education. Past lecture topics include: how to have a chemical free home, natural medicine 101, food as medicine, the untapped miracle of fasting and detoxification, essential oils, and more.

 Interested in hosting a natural wellness lecture at your home, organization, church, or business? Please send me an email for more details.

What Others Are Saying

Trish M., Age 48

Devon has been instrumental helping me improve my eating habits and overall well-being.  We have gone step by step together, and Devon's ability to recommend what suits the situation, give unfailing support and enthusiasm, and share wise advice and amazing recipes have made all the difference!  I highly recommend Devon to guide a person's journey to better health. 

Stephen B., Age 60

Devon Choque is a dedicated, knowledgeable, & passionate dietitian; she took extra time to hear and understand my individual needs!  I went to Devon to attempt the first diet of my life as I was nearing 60.  I wanted to lower my body fat percentage to a healthy level and to lose embarrassing extra pounds of fat that had accumulated around my waist over the decades.  Devon gave me confidence that I could achieve these goals in a timely and healthy manner.  She prepared an excellent, easy-to-follow meal plan which 100% allowed me to reach my goals.  Best of all, Devon provided me with great tips for when I was feeling weak and/or hungry and wanted to go back to bad habits. I definitely recommend Devon with her unmatched enthusiasm to help you improve your diet & healthy lifestyle!

Steve B., Age 62

I have been seeing Devon for a brain detox program for the past 2 months, in the course of which I have met with her several times. I have found her to be a delightful, easily approachable person who also happens to be a very knowledgeable nutritionist. I learn something about my diet choices and the impacts they have on my health each time I meet with her. I have just started the most important phase of the detox regimen, but am already sensing an improvement in my cognition. Based on my experience thus far I highly recommend working with Devon!

Nelly V., Age 41

A few weeks ago, I hurt my foot while exercising at the gym and as the days passed, the pain went up into my leg and caused me to limp. Thankfully, I met Devon and she mentioned that her stretch therapy would really benefit my situation. I began working with her immediately and I was amazed at the results! My pain was significantly reduced and I was able to return to the gym after the very first session. I would recommend Devon 100% for anyone who wants to improve their well-being!

Kati G., Age 22

I had been battling knee issues for the last two years. It was becoming increasingly worse until I found Devon Choque. On top of being an absolute delight to be around, Devon helped me to get back on my feet again (literally). Before starting with Devon, my knee pain would limit me to 1 or 2 miles on a good day, but now I feel better than ever before and consistently run 5 miles pain free! I would highly recommend The Way Of Life Wellness to anyone having physical or dietary issues.

John R., Age 58

I have been treated by Devon only 3 times and I have greater flexibility than I've had in years. I came in a MESS and in short order, have seen great results! I was going to cancel a trip after throwing my back out, but 2 sessions with Devon enabled me to get on that plane with confidence. HIGHLY recommend her for stretch therapy and nutrition! She is AMAZING!